Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fate of Lee Khan

The Fate of Lee Khan, in my opinion had the best fight scenes out of all the King Hu films so far.  However, unlike many of its predecessors, it had a very satisfactory ending, other than the many deaths of its characters.  
The characters and the plot kept the film going and held my attention for the majority of the film.  The editing of the film, especially during the fight scenes, is what stood out to me.  It was done exceptionally well and was very smooth in transitioning from one scene to the next.  I also enjoyed the characterization of the characters, other than some of the waitresses, the characters were easily distinguishable in actions, appearance, and personality.
Though there was a nearly obscene amount of characters in the film, it was very easy to keep track of them and their differences in actions and personalities throughout it.  I do wonder why there were so many characters, however, as it sometimes almost made the film confusing when characters would be added halfway through the film, or even near the end.  
I do have to question the translated title though, as it gives the impression that Lee Khan is the main character or something to that extent, whereas in reality, he’s the main villain that manipulates the actions of many of the characters in the film.  However, that confusion is quickly cleared up, so it is not too big of a deal.

If anyone enjoys a nice wuxia-style film with the occasional humorous tidbits of dialogue and an interesting story, I would definitely recommend the Fate of Lee Khan.

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